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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> -- different result had they not helped her. >> a police officer talking about good samaritans who helped the victim of a brutal kidnapping and assault. the suspect is 14 years old. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. we will have the kidnapping update any moment.
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we begin with breaking news involving the arrest of a san francisco sheriff's deputy. this is a story you will see only on 2. we have been working our sources hard in the past couple of hours. ktvu's david stevenson is live at the jail in san francisco, so, david, why was the deputy arrested? >> reporter: well, tori, we have learned that san francisco sheriff's deputy bill tong was arrested at about 7:35 this morning here at jail one on 7th street behind me right here in san francisco. he faces two felony charges, second degree robbery and second degree burglary commercial. we have learned these charges stem from a november 7th robbery at a bank of america branch on balboa street in san francisco. police say this is the suspect in that case. they say that man walked into the bank branch and handed the teller a note demanding cash. if you look closely at this picture we are showing you you can see a wad of cash in his hand. police say he fled on foot with
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an unknown amount of money. the sheriff's department closed down the jail this morning for a period to book tong. as i mentioned he was arrested here and it is unclear whether he actually works here the jail. we believe he is still being held in the jail. we are working our sources this morning to find out more about this case and his background and we plan to bring you more details about this breaking news case coming up later tonight on the 5:00 news and 6:00 news. for now reporting lich in san francisco, david stephenson, ktvu channel do news. >> thank you. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is expected to be back on the sidelines for the 49er's next game days after being hospitaled for anker rig heartbeat. this is the 48-year-old reaping coach of the year at a frees conference answering questions. he underwent what the teen is calming a minor procedure yesterday at stanford hospital. let's listen in. >> the heart rate is not beating normally. you don't know that unless you get it checked by a doctor, so
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just felt -- felt like it was beating faster than normal. wednesday. wednesday evening. yes. [ inaudible ] >> no, i mean with the doctors, doctor said i mean you need to go in and you need to get this -- get this done, this procedure done, so, you are not- you are not going to be stubborn like a mule and do what the doctors tell you. [ inaudible ] >> yes, i suppose so. i mean if you are not feeling right, you know, see a doctor. i guess. i don't know about i can make a grand you know statement about
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it, but -- >> no, i don't feel like that will happen. [ inaudible ] >> no, i think i missed a practice or 2. >> you have been listening to jim harbaugh speaking about the procedure he underwent yesterday there. he began experiencing that then. his release, seems to be fine. his nierns hosting the bears monday night in a key nfc show down. the city of vallejo is
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dealing with the shocking kidnapping and assault on a 65- year-old woman by a 14-year-old boy. new at noon police just finished a news briefing, alex savidge joins us live with more on the investigation and the people who helped the victim. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon, at that briefing that wrapped up here a lieutenant said this woman is lucky she survived. witnesses found her beaten in a ditch along the side of the freeway. bound with duct tape. police used those witness accounts and also information from the victim herself to track down and arrest a 14-year- old boy in connection withis vicious attack. investigators say the 65-year- old woman was kidnapped at gun point late yesterday from this shopping center on the 100 block of plaza drive. vallejo police say the gunman forced her to drive her minivan several miles away to an area near hidden brook parkway. that is where investigators believe this 14-year-old attacker sexually assaulted the woman and beat her unconscious,
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the teen drove off in the woman's minivan. thankfully though witnesses found her and got her help, quite possibly saving her life. >> in the greatest sense they were important, they got her aid. you could have had a difficult result had they not hopped her. >> a short time later the 14- year-old boy returned to the scene and was arrested there by officers driving the victim's stolen minivan. investigators say during this kidnapping the teen even called up the victim's family demanding ransom in exchange for the woman's safe return. nothing was paid. police say they are certainly surprised by how young this accused attacker is. >> any age is -- is the wrong age to do something like that but -- but that aim we certainly don't expect most 14- year-olds to do something of that nature. >> reporter: at this point the name of that 14-year-old suspect is not released because he is under age but booked into the jail facing charges this
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afternoon of attempted murder and kidnapping for ransom, among others. when the police lieutenant this morning was asked about this young suspect's criminal history he did say that he is known to police. meantime the woman attacked is still recovering in the hospital this afternoon. live this afternoon in vallejo, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we are back on storm watch this noontime, a scattered shower falls there. we begin with rosemary who will tell you when we can expect the heaviest rainfall. >> i expect it to come later today. the first of two systems now bringing us showers that started earlier this morning. giving you a look there, the first right off the bayshore line. you can see to the north and west the second storm is expected to move in saturday evening. getting it closer here. a few light showers still continuing to fall through and around parts of the north bay. we have some oversan rafael at
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this hour, nast to, san rafael, traveling in direction slick roadways and san mateo bridge light sprinkles in that direction. peninsula dry, santa cruz light showers, san jose wet weather the moment as well. again this system will continue to move ashore. as it does it will continue to bring us rain. it is expected to turn heavier as we get into the evening drive. then a second system to follow. so again we are tracking a soggy weather in time for your weekend. i will have a look at the time line and show you how much rain will fall coming up. >> that is making residents in one neighborhood nervous. they are watching a hillside that collapsed last week, sending mud flooding down their street. crews have been shoring up the hill. it is in and out covered with hey and netting. three days ago ktvu was first on the scene after a pipe broke sending more than 97, 000
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gallons of water down the hill. >> oh, yeah, it is good that we have put those in there because big hole in there you know. it might be raining from the weekend and start now, so we are a little bit nervous. >> city crews will be out all weekend long checking the hillside for further erosion. police have arrested a gang leader. some officers call oakland's most wanted suspect. it happened thanks to luck and a police officer with a keen eye. officers arrested oakland gang leader ronnie flunow in san francisco last night at the roost's crisp steakhouse there, an off-duty officer celebrating his wife's birthday, spotted him as he walked into the restaurant. police accuse flunow of several shootings which police say led to a rival gange taking his wife. >> she was shot eight times
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while picking up her kids in oakland a couple of weeks ago, so this has been an ongoing thing, we are hoping this will kind of at least put an end to the ongoing gang violence between his crew and another crew. >> he faces multiple charges. coincidental an hour before the arrest oakland police raided his home in vegas, hoping to catch him there. oakland police say they arrested a man in connection with two armed robberies linked to ads placed on craigslist. police say 19-year-old cass black would post ads there and officers say black would then rob potential customers at gunpoint. black is accused of posting an 'tisment for marijuana and a car, police say knee robberies happened between august 22nd and october 22nd. thanksgiving is still six days away but a lot of people are starting their holiday travel early. tara moriarty joins us live from sfo to let us know what the crowds are like there
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today. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. looks like everything is leaving on time. we checked the boards and it looks like the planes in and out of sfo on time right now but we did have some low clouds and rain which was causing delays but so far so good. this the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving season. 140,000 people will come through sfo today. then between now and thanksgiving 1.2 million passengers will pass through sfo. it is recommended you leave at least an hour and a half early for your flight. we spoke to one family headed to mexico for thanksgiving. >> i think with two hours to get in there and get settled so we will be good i think. >> then are you going to have turkey in mexico. >> maybe a few margaritas, might skip the turkey this year. who needs turkey. >> a spokesperson says the friday before thanksgiving has become a busy travel day because many schools are off the entire week and more
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families decide to leave town early. this could be a record breaker travel season. sfo expects a 3% increase compared to last year. back here live definitely get dropped off here or take bart as the lots are filling up quickly. live at sfo, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you plan to hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday you will not be alone. aaa estimates 4.7 million californians will travel more than 50 miles this weekend. this is a live picture from berkeley. the prediction is 43 million nationwide with half a million taking flights. both the state and national figures represent an increase of less than 1% over last year. violence continues for a third day along the israel-gaza border, israeli missiles are pounding away at weapons storage facilities and missel launching sights in gaza,
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killing more than 20, including children. israel is massing tanks and army personnel carriers along the border, indicating a ground invasion might be coming soon. israel says the action is in response to days of rocket fire out of gaza. there is some optimism after president obama met with congressional leaders to begin talks on how to avoid the fiscal cliff, when a series of tax cuts expire and spending cuts kick in. john boehner said he outlined a framework that is consistent with the president's call for a balanced approach of both higher revenue and spending cuts. >> our challenge is to make sure that you know we are able to cooperate together, work together, find some common ground, make some tough compromises, build some consensus to do the people's business. >> while we are going to continue to have revenue on the table it is incumbent for my colleagues to show the american
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people we are serious about cutting spending and solving our fiscal dilemma, i believe we can do this and avert the fiscal cliff that is right in front of us today. >> the president began the meeting on a chordal note, wishing speaker boehner, shaking his hand, a happy birthday. an oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico 25 southeast of grand isle, louisiana. two crew members are missing and four injured. the fire that followed the explosion has been extinguished. the rigbylongs to black elk energy, an independent oil and gas company headquartered in houston. a texas rail crossing where a train hit a parade float yesterday has had 10 previous collisions over the past 33 years, according to federal accident records. yesterday's collision in midland killed 4 veterans on the float. investigators say one of them pushed his wife to safety just
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before he died. 16 other people were injured, some critically when the train hit the tractor-trailer towing the float. the trailer was blocked by traffic from moving off they have tracks. twinkies may soon fade into history because the hostess company wants to keep its promise to shut down operations because workers did not end their strike yesterday. ktvu's janine de la vega has the background. >> reporter: most americans have sunk their teeth into a twinkie or ho ho at some point in their life. >> that was the afternoon snack, you came home from school and had a twinkie or a ho ho. >> now that hostess announced it will close, some customers want to stock up. >> buy them and put them away, i don't know. freeze them maybe. >> at the company's bakeries across the company workers have been on strike. the ceo of hostess had imposed a 5:00 p.m. deadline yesterday, saying if
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employees did not return to work he would shut down operations. this morning they were on strike and didn't realize they were calling it quits. >> i am at a loss of words because i didn't expect them to go that far but they probably didn't expect us to go this far. >> today hostess will be in court asking to shut down its plants and liquidate assets, that means more than 18,000 jobs lost. employees at the safe way told me the truck hasn't been here in a week and they are running out of product. i bought the last package inside this store. this a picture of how empty the shelf looked this morning. customers say it is sad to see it go. >> it is an american icon, like the end of an era, i would not understand it. >> it is unclear what will happen to them by the future but if the court grants a motion the company could close november 20th. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> less than a week before
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thanksgiving the butterball turkey company is investigating reports its turkeys were abused. an animal rights group claims they have proof of abuse and neglect at butterball turkey farms in north carolina. the group, mercy for animals, says it has posted video of turkeys being thrown and kicked. last year another video led to the affidavit of 5 butterball workers. the salvation army today kicked off its annual turkey drive in san francisco. volunteers this morning manned a donation drive through on harrison street. fox were able folks p able to pull up and drop off a turkey without getting out of their car. they will be used to prepare thousands of meals for those unable to celebrate with family and friends. >> on thanksgiving we are going to produce 5000 meals, send them out to those who can't get out of their homes or shut in or -- or not -- or too frail to
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come out of their apartments, that we make a home delivery. >> that drop off location will be own until 3:00 this afternoon. if you can't make it there the salvation army says you can purchase a turkey there and the store will drop it off for you. a group of san francisco school children learned some holiday safety tips from the city's top cop this morning. >> everybody is watching and a lot of people have one of these. >> police chief craig serve was at the school there and he warned them about the dangers of tuning out while on their cell phone, ipad or other electronic device. he said thieves target people who are warn headphones or on the phone. the chief also told the students many south of market merchants have agreed to act as safe havens for young people who can find help in an emergency.
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>> good afternoon to you. gray wet weather in the forecast for today. it will be on and off for your weekend as well. giving you a live look there over the bay bridge and the bayou can see mostly cloudy skies. a few peaks of sunshine now and again. it will continue to pass just like the scattered showers that you see here on the screen will continue on and off for the entire day. watching just a few light showers over santa rosa, right off the coastline between santa rosa, roanoke park, san rafael, and navato, curving around the canyon in the east bay, showers over hayward, dublin, south bay, santa cruz, south of san jose but into morgan hill along 101 scattered showers at this time. backing it up once again tracking two systems for you. the first right off the coastline here. we will continue that today. that will continue to send
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those bands of rain and turn heavier as we get into the evening drive. this second system is going to make its way closer to the coast and by tomorrow night we have another round of rain, more intense rain expected for you. so if you have plans tomorrow night make sure you have that umbrella. let's pick it up here into the noon hour light showers but 6:00 in the afternoon it is already dark of the is slick and it is slow with the showers continuing through the evening hours. tomorrow morning the showers are tapering off. we actually get a break. watch this here. mostly gray skies. there is that next line of rain saturday night. it looks like we are going to get a mostly cloudy gray but dry break into saturday afternoon. next round of rain comes in saturday night. we are now into sunday morning. that second system has passed through. we wake up mostly gray but we wake up mainly dry. so the impacts for today around the bay area, looking at a quarter inch to 3/4s of an inch
12:21 pm
of rain just with today's system. for the hills looking at anywhere from 3/4s of an inch to an inch and a half. we will see additional rain with the saturday night storm. traveling to the sierra, a winter weather advisory above 7000 feet, dropping to 6000 feet for the weekend. winds generally light out there, breezy, y, mountain view to san jose 20 miles per hour. temperatures 50s to low 60s in the forecast. outside your door right now, that is what we are expecting for the afternoon as well. 61 santa rosa, 63 san francisco, low to mid 60s for the inland east bay, your extended forecast with your weekend in view, showers on and off for the first half of today. for the evening drive it is going to be wet. tomorrow among the showers will taper off. we will get a break in the and. the second storm comes in saturday night. it looks like by sunday morning that storm is already passing off and sunday afternoon we could get a dry break once
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again. unsettled weather there as we get closer to thanksgiving day. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> david petraeus testified behind closed doors this morning about the attack there. he left the capitol after four hours of testimony before house and senate panels. much of the testimony focused on what petraeus told congress in his initial report three days after the attack. he confirmed that he did believe at the time the attack was the result of a protest over an anti-islamic video but the general says he also told congress back then that al qaeda militants were among the protesters. >> they now clearly believe there was -- yeah, did not arise out of a demonstration, was not spontaneous and it was clear terrorist involvement. >> lawmakers who heard from him today say he did not discuss the affair that led him to resign as cia director last week except in passing. they say he expressed regret
12:23 pm
about the circumstances of his departure and told them his decision to resign had nothing to do with the controversy over the way the obama administration portrayed the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. just ahead the numbers just came out. we will tell you how the california jobless rate is looking. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait.
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optimism that president obama and the congressional
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leaders can help avoid the fiscal cliff pushed stocks higher. they are all up a little bit. new jobs figures released this morning show california's jobless rate continues to fall but it is still above 10%. according to the state employment development department the rate was 10.1% in october. that is down from 10.2% a month earlier. there were 45,800 jobs added to payrolls statewide. the final chapter for the twilight saga as the last installment premiers. [ cheers ] >> fans in the south bay cheered as they opened their doors for the first showing of the film. it is the 5th and final movie in the series. some fans say it is bittersweet because they have grown up with them. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 we are still working on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the noon news, a san francisco sheriff's deputy arrested for a
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bank robbery. this picture is of a man who police say robbed the same bank on the same day. we are working our contacts right now and will post updates before 5:00 on our web site plus a complete report tonight at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you the next time news breaks. we are always here for you on and mobile send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. [ male announcer ] steak combos.
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